Porting refers to keeping your telephone number once you change telephone service providers. You'll be able to port your existing telephone number between landline, VoIP, and wireless providers.

How to Port Your Phone Number

Check your current phone contract. It may stipulate early termination fees or require that your account is existing. Do not finish your service before contacting the new company; It should be active at the time the number is ported. Once you are ready to begin the process of porting your number:

Call the new company to start the porting process — VoIPLine Telecom, as an example. Give your 10-digit phone number and other information it requests (often the account number and password or PIN).

VoIPLine Telecom contacts your existing company to handle the porting process. You do not need to do anything, except possibly confirm with your current carrier that you wish to port the number. Your old service is cancelled once the porting is complete unless your contract stipulates that the commitment endures—if it does, you will be assigned a brand-new number from the carrier's pool. 

You May Receive a Closing Statement from Your Old Provider

If you are porting from one wireless provider to another, you ought to be able to use your new phone within hours. If you're porting from a landline to a wireless provider, the process can take a few days. Text messaging services sometimes take longer to make the transition from one phone to another up to 3 days.

Does It Cost to Port a Number?

Legally, companies can charge you to port your number. Contact your current provider to find out what it costs, just in case. You'll be able to request a waiver; however, every company has completely different rules. That said, no company can refuse to port your number simply because you have not paid a porting fee. For that matter, despite pressure from customer-service agents, the company cannot legally refuse to port your number even though you're behind on your payments to your current provider. However, you stay liable for the debt though, even after the number transfer.  


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