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Cloud-hosted call centre solutions

Call centre productivity tools, instantly available.

Launch your call campaigns with ease and measure performance with advanced reporting.

Integration with MS Teams Unified Communication
Advanced API support for integration with third-party systems: REST, Webhooks

Advanced reporting

Call queue statistics: answered, missed, timed out calls

User performance: inbound vs outbound calls, avg. call length, total call duration, number calls made/answered, missed calls

Call volumes statistics

Hourly call distribution

Inbound calls by caller ID

Outbound calls by dialed prefix

Inbound call campaigns

Support for 1800 freephone, local and mobile numbers with unlimited inbound channels

Multi-level IVR menus

Support of multi-level call queues

Queue wallboard - presenting live queue information

Unlimited call recording to email

Automated callback request feature

Advanced, feature rich cloud PBX functionality

Call listen and whisper functionality for agent training or quality control

Outbound call campaigns

Highly competitive call rates

User configurable caller IDs

User performance reporting

Unlimited call recording to email

CDR export functionality

Connect third-party dialer solutions via SIP trunk

Call listen and whisper functionality for agent training or quality control

Use our Hosted PBX or SIP Trunking service
together with low call centre rates

PAYG Ireland
per user/per month
Subscription breakdown:
Irish local phone number
€ 2.40
User licence
€ 2.60
Device licence
€ 1.95
Call plan subscription
€ 0.00
€ 6.95
Call rates:
Ireland landline/mobile/0818*
2.4 p/min
Ireland 1800

Critical information summary

Acceptable use policy applies to all call plans and services

* Pricing for customers within Ireland with an Irish local number as a caller ID. 1c minimum call charge. Rated per second. Rounded up to four decimal places. For calls originating from overseas with non-Irish caller ID a surcharge of 1.5c per minute applies.

FREE: Activation
FREE: Advanced features

SIP Line
per channel /
per month
Call rates:
Ireland landline/mobile/0818*
2.4c p/min
Ireland 1800
Irish local phone number
€ 2.40
MS Teams Compatible

High call volumes?

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Designed with
ease of use in mind

Designed with ease of use in mind, mPBX allows you to have full control of complex call flow scenarios with easy to understand block diagram. While the billing portal allows you to order phone numbers and licences and get it instantly activated.

You are now in true control of your business communications.

Full feature set available

Advanced reporting including statistics about inbound and outbound calls per agent

Customisable outbound caller IDs

Use softphones or desk phones

Easily scalable — pay for what you use

Call recording

IVR Menus

Call queues

Location independent — agents can be anywhere in the world

Call listen and whisper functionality for agent training or quality control

Irish VoIP provider with 99.9% SLA guaranteed uptime.

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Independently monitored by, one of the leading independent network monitoring services with advanced reporting & notification systems.

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We also offer the following services to cover your most demanding requirements

Irish toll-free 1800 numbers

Irish toll-free 1800 numbers

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does not have to be expensive.
Get your toll-free number today!

International inbound phone numbers

International inbound
phone numbers

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Connect phone numbers from over 50 countries around the world. Make it easier for your overseas customers to reach you.

Voice Artist

Voice Artist

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Impress your clients with
professionally recorded greetings.

Number Porting

Number Porting

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Number porting supported.
Keep your existing phone number
wherever you go.