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SIP Trunks provider in Ireland

Reliable connectivity for your onsite phone system

Connect your VoIP compatible onsite phone system and save on line rentals and calls. We can also interconnect hosted PBX with your onsite system, provide 1800 numbers via SIP trunk and offer inbound numbers from other countries.
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Up & down arrows Inbound and outbound
caller ID support
Handshake Risk free
Headphones Support for SIP protocol
Number porting Number porting. Port your numbers in or out.
Bill Prepaid and postpaid billing models
Gears Assistance with configuration of your PBX
Gears G.711 (alaw or ulaw), G.729, G.722 codecs

SIP trunk rates & plans

per channel /
per month
Call rates:
Ireland landline/mobile/0818*
2.4c p/min
Ireland 1800
Irish local phone number
€ 2.40
MS Teams Compatible

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Advanced functionality

SIP trunk service is part of our PBX system. This enables some unique features to be configured that are not normally available for SIP trunk services.
VoIP failover
SIP Trunking
SIP Microsoft Teams Compatibility
Microsoft Teams PSTN gateway
Integration between onsite and Hosted PBX systems
Automated failover in the event of internet outages
SIP aggregation of traffic from multiple VOIP carriers into one central system.
Compatibility with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams
Terminate calls via your our Microsoft Teams PSTN gateway

SIP trunk object within PBX can be configured in two different modes:

Diversion to SIP URI
This mode is useful if you want to send a call to the specified SIP address. SIP URI must be in the following format:
example: or 35312345678@
Create SIP registration
Register your SIP Server with us (e.g. connect your PBX to us).
Enjoy low VoIP rates and complete integration between your onsite and hosted PBX systems.
Your PBX will be able to call users on our system or dial out to the world and PBX users will be able to call extensions on your PBX.

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SLA Guaranteed uptime of 99.9% for your mission critical business phone system

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SIP trunking

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between SIP trunking and hosted PBX?

    It’s not about the difference between them but how these two services cooperate with each other. SIP trunking is a service that allows you to connect your VoIP compatible onsite phone system to the cloud to have a connectivity with the outside world. Hosted PBX is already a telephony system that operates via the Internet but you can interconnect them to use some of the hosted PBX features with SIP trunking, e.g. provide an inbound toll-free number or record calls.

  • What are the benefits of SIP trunking compared to PSTN and ISDN?

    SIP trunkng replaces older PSTN and ISDN phone lines and uses the Internet to transmit voice data. Key benefits of SIP Trunking are:
    - Lower cost compared to older PSTN and ISDN connections;
    - Ability to easily scale up or down with the number of channels or simultaneous calls required;
    - It is also easy to relocate as you could use your SIP Trunk anywhere you can get access to the Internet;
    - SIP Trunk can be configured to encrypt all voice data before transmission and allow for HD voice codes with significantly better voice quality to be enabled.

  • What are SIP trunk channels?

    A SIP channel is used for one incoming or outgoing call. You can think about it as a sort of a standard phone line. Every SIP trunk can support multiple SIP channels.

  • How many channels can a SIP trunk handle?

    Number of channels supported by SIP Trunk is limited by your Internet connection speed, but most of the modern broadband connections are capable of supporting dozens of channels. E.g. 10 Mbps connection could support about 100 simultaneous calls.

  • How fast Internet connection is needed for a good SIP trunking operation?

    This depends on your onsite PBX and its supported codecs. If your PBX supports G.729, you only require 0.03 Mbps including overheads. Therefore, if you have a reliable connection of even 8 Mbps, you could have about 260 simultaneous calls connected. However, quality of calls will highly depend on the reliability of your internet connection, so it does not have to be very fast but it must be reliable and stable.

  • What happens if my Internet goes down?

    Even if your Internet connection goes down, you'll still continue to receive inbound calls. This is possible thanks to diversion of calls to mobile phones. How it works: commonly a call is coming to the inbound number and then passes to SIP trunking. In case there’s no connection with the SIP device due to lack of internet connection, a call will transfer to mobile phone or any other phone number you will configure.

  • Why is there a minimum monthly spend?

    We offer lower rates for larger call volume accounts. For services with minimum monthly spend we deduct the minimum monthly spend amount on the 1st of each month and this amount becomes call credit on your account. There are no extra charges for calls up to the minimum monthly spend, calls over are charged at the call plan rates.

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We also offer the following services to cover your most demanding requirements

Irish toll-free 1800 numbers

Irish toll-free 1800 numbers

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International inbound phone numbers

International inbound
phone numbers

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Connect phone numbers from over 50 countries around the world. Make it easier for your overseas customers to reach you.

Voice Artist

Voice Artist

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Impress your clients with
professionally recorded greetings.

Number Porting

Number Porting

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Number porting supported.
Keep your existing phone number
wherever you go.

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